If the Fountain of Youth were put to auction, there is no doubt that South Florida would be the highest bidder. A city obsessed with anti-aging, Miami clamors for whatever new technologies might stay the effects of time, with little eye to cost. It should be no surprise then that this city would host the […]

We invited leading fashion, make-up, lifestyle and skincare bloggers to a recent New York Fashion Week event. Here’s what ElizaBeth Taylor at The Knockternal had to say: “During Fashion Week Blue Horizon International launched a new skin care line called Alpha Blu to overwhelming response. Celebrities and fashionistas alike attended the VIP party and daytime […]

Kelly’s Thoughts on Things thought very nice things about Alpha Blu.  Thank you Kelly! She wrote, “Alpha Blu’s Night Cream is a sweet nourishing nighttime skin care treatment for all skin types that intensely hydrates your face overnight. Infused with shea butter, it offers anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties providing your skin with greater resilience. […]

Fashion Daily Mag writes: “While we’re enjoying the sun, the warm weather, and all that goes with the sunshine, let’s not forget the beauty treats.   Though the au natural look of less is more on your face during the summer,  your beauty regime needs a summer- friendly check.  From skincare to brighter teeth, here […]