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The World's Premiere Skincare Ingredient

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The Secret To Our Products

Our Secret Ingredient: BlueCellule-CM™

Studies show that BlueCellule-CM™ helps improve undesired skin conditions such as oxidation and aging.

100% Silicone, Color & Scent Free

We only use the best ingredients and the most effective formulas for all our products, no fillers.

Beyond Basic: The Science of Skincare

Our in-depth research consistently shows that BlueCellule-CM™ can be the most effective rejuvenator on the market

Your Wrinkles Are Our #1 Enemy

Our BlueCellule-CM™ products can tighten and strengthen your complexion for a healthier glow.

Clinically Tested

Our studies show that BlueCellule-CM™ is the most effective ingredient to help rebuild your Alpha glow.

The Scientific Truth:
Plant vs. Human

Plant based skincare products cannot regenerate skin cells because plants and human cells are incompatible with each other.

Our Product Line

The Science Behind It All

Alpha Blu Skincare contains stem cell-derived conditioned medium . Conditioned medium (BlueCellule-CM™) contains cytokines and growth factors that support and improve the firmness of skin while promoting elasticity and offering a natural boost to create a youthful glow.

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Healing Effects

    All Alpha Blu products contains cytokines, which have been shown to demonstrate paracrine mediated anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects.

  • Stimulates Skin Cell Regeneration

    Our proprietary creams increase the survival rate of skin cells under oxidative stress, improving undesired skin conditions, such as oxidation and aging.

  • Studies Show Proven Results

    Results from participants’ self-assessments indicate overall improvement in skin appearance and skin feel, fine lines, wrinkles, eye lines, and skin texture.