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The World's Premiere Skincare Ingredient

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The Secret To Our BLUE CELL Products

Our Secret Ingredient: BlueCellule-CM™

Studies show that BlueCellue-CM™ helps improve undesired skin conditions such as oxidation and aging.

100% Silicone, Color & Scent Free

We only use the best ingredients and the most effective formulas for all our products, no fillers.

Beyond Basic: The Science of Skincare

Our in-depth research consistently shows that BLUE CELL can be the most effective rejuvenator on the market

Your Wrinkles Are Our #1 Enemy

Our BLUE CELL products can tighten and strengthen your complexion for a healthier glow.

Clinically Tested

Our studies show that BLUE CELL is the most effective ingredient to help rebuild your Alpha glow.

The Scientific Truth:
Plant vs. Human

Plant based skincare products cannot regenerate skin cells because plants and human cells are incompatible with each other.

Our BLUE CELL Product Line

  • The Full Kit
  • The Deep Glow Kit
  • The Starter Kit
  • The Sleep Essential Kit

The Science Behind It All

Alpha Blu Skincare contains stem cell-derived conditioned medium . Conditioned medium (BLUE CELL) contains cytokines and growth factors that support and improve the firmness of skin while promoting elasticity and offering a natural boost to create a youthful glow.

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Healing Effects

    All Alpha Blu products contains cytokines, which have been shown to demonstrate paracrine mediated anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects.

  • Stimulates Skin Cell Regeneration

    Our proprietary creams increase the survival rate of skin cells under oxidative stress, improving undesired skin conditions, such as oxidation and aging.

  • Studies Show Proven Results

    Results from participants’ self-assessments indicate overall improvement in skin appearance and skin feel, fine lines, wrinkles, eye lines, and skin texture.