Fashion Daily Mag on Summer Beauty Face Treats

Fashion Daily Mag writes:

“While we’re enjoying the sun, the warm weather, and all that goes with the sunshine, let’s not forget the beauty treats.   Though the au natural look of less is more on your face during the summer,  your beauty regime needs a summer- friendly check.  From skincare to brighter teeth, here are 10 summer beauty treats to make your face glow brighter under the sun.

HYDRATE + keep the oil in check while you glow: Alpha Blu Skin Care Kit is a perfect summer easy go-to, containing ALOE and rich in cytokines and proteins to really improve the way your skin looks.  The kit contains all you need besides a wash: Smoothing Skin Serum + Day Cream + Night Cream + Eye Cream.  Made in Germany.”

Thank you Fashion Daily Mag and Brigitte Segura!