Alpha Blu Skin Care introduces its new Monaco line during New York Fashion Week

Alpha Blu Skin Care introduces its new Monaco line during New York Fashion Week

BHI Therapeutic Sciences, makers of the Alpha Blu skin care line, invites leading fashion, make-up, lifestyle, and skincare editors to a New York Fashion Week event on Monday, Sept.12 and Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022, at a private residence in New York City. Guests will be able to discover and experience the benefits of the skin care line with opportunities to speak with the doctor responsible for creating it and by receiving a complimentary service such as a facial, skin analysis, or hand massages using the brand.

Alpha Blu Skin Care contains ingredients derived directly from ethically harvested adult human stem cells. It is innovative in the beauty industry. The line contains cytokines and growth factors to support the improvement and firmness of skin while promoting elasticity and offering a natural boost to create a youthful glow. Products can be bought individually online or in kits that are purchased online and shipped globally. From oily, to sensitive, to dry skin this is a right fit to improve your skin quality. It is highly concentrated and infused with several ingredients including anti-inflammatory agents that contain antioxidant properties that promote skin renewal.

During the event Founder Dr. Brian Mehling and CEO Doreen Santora will be on hand to greet guests and discuss the new line over refreshments at the exclusive soiree. “Through the proper, ethical use of stem cell therapy, we have seen the impact it can make on skin,” shared Ms. Santora “With Alpha Blu, we offer people powerful, yet affordable beauty products that will grant them the great benefits that can only come through adult human stem cells.”

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About the products:

Alpha Blu Day Cream is a moisturizing cream that provides a hydrating punch for all skin types. Packed with ingredients such as aloe vera, the cream offers moisture retention throughout the day and gives skin a youthful glow.

Alpha Blu Night Cream offers a nourishing treatment that hydrates overnight. Infused with shea butter, the cream offers anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties providing skin with greater resilience.

Alpha Blu Eye Cream is infused with cornflower extract designed to provide a soothing effect on the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. This deeply hydrating cream is designed specifically to cater to the special needs of the eye area.

Alpha Blu Smoothing Skin Serum is a highly concentrated, smoothing serum infused with key ingredients including anti-inflammatory agents and grape vine extract, which contains antioxidant properties promoting skin renewal. The smoothing serum is designed to support the retention of moisture and firmness.

For more information, please visit The four-piece set includes day cream, night cream, smoothing skin serum, and eye cream and retails for $100.